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Logan Lambert with Finch Flores

About Us

We’re Skits & Jingles Advertising, founded by Logan Lambert and Finch Flores. Comprised of creative and seasoned professionals, our mission is to provide businesses with original, unique skits and jingles. Specializing in branding, advertising, and content creation, we aim to ensure you leave a lasting impression.

Logan Lambert

I grew up in Baltimore, MD, and always was inspired by funny commercials, movies, and music. My passion for it developed at a young age, and I started making social media content right at the beginning of Covid. I understood what people wanted to see, and out of that, we started this business, and I love doing this day in and day out and helping businesses get to the next level.

Fynch Flores Bio Pic

Finch Flores

I’m a lifelong musician who discovered my passion for music at a young age and dedicated my entire life to pursuing a career in it. Throughout my journey, I have written several albums that showcase my unique musical style and talent. I have had the opportunity to travel extensively, performing songs with various acts and gaining valuable experiences along the way. I own and operate my own studio, where I record and produce my music and collaborate with other artists to bring their musical visions to life. Additionally, I have developed skills in video production and use them to create captivating music videos for my group and other musicians. I wrote my first jingle when I was eight years old for a local sub shop called “Captain Harvey’s.” I’m destined to do this.